Pokemon Cat Names: Best 500 Names You Will Love To Read

Are you on the hunt for the purr-fect Pokémon cat names? Look no further! Whether you’re a dedicated Pokémon trainer or a cat lover (or both!), we’ve got a treasure trove of names that will suit your feline friend to a T.

From the fiery spirit of Charmander to the serene grace of Eevee, the Pokémon universe is filled with inspiration for naming your cat. Imagine calling out for Pikachu during feeding time, or cuddling with a Jigglypuff at the end of a long day.

In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of names inspired by the rich world of Pokémon, designed to match any cat’s personality, color, or quirks. Get ready to embark on a fun and creative journey to find that one special name that resonates with both you and your whiskered companion.

Let’s dive into the world of Pokémon cat names and find the perfect match for your furry friend!

The World of Pokémon

Imagine stepping into a universe where enchanting creatures and endless adventures await! We’re not just participants; we’re trainers on a mission to find the most incredible pokemon cat names for our feline friends! Pokémon, a phenomenal franchise born in Japan, transcends boundaries, connecting us through games, anime series, and so much more.

Adventures across various regions:
From the Kanto plains to the Galar highlands, every corner of the Pokémon world brims with unique characters and captivating stories. Our journeys in this enchanting realm are filled with encounters of diverse Pokémon, each with its own traits and talents. Amidst these characters, specific Pokémon resemble the grace and agility of cats, making them treasured companions.

GenerationCat Pokémon Examples
IMeowth, Persian
IVGlameow, Purugly

Connecting with creatures: We not just play; we bond with creatures that inspire our creativity and spirit. The creatures in the Pokémon universe showcase distinctive abilities that set them apart from the rest. Especially our beloved Pokémon inspired by cats, they evoke a sense of familiarity and warmth.

Transcending entertainment: Pokémon isn’t just a game; it’s a global phenomenon. The anime allows us to visualize these wonderful creatures and share heartfelt moments with Ash and Pikachu. Each episode is a new opportunity to witness the charm of our favorite Pokémon cats in action.

Dive into this magical world with us, and let’s discover names that embody the essence of these captivating creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the realm of Pokémon, there’s always a delightful surprise waiting around the corner!

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Iconic Cat Pokémon

In the world of Pokémon, we often find ourselves drawn to the charm and cunning of cat-like creatures. These feline friends not only capture our hearts but inspire many of the delightful pokemon cat names we adore. Let’s purr-use the standout cat Pokémon that have become icons in their own right.

  • Meowth and its evolved form, Persian, are among the most recognized, with Meowth’s witty charm and Persian’s sleek elegance.
  • Eevee might resemble a fox, but many trainers see a feline aspect in this versatile creature and its many evolutions: the mystical Espeon, the elegant Sylveon, and elemental forms like Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Leafeon.
  • The fiery line of Litten, Torracat, and the fierce Incineroar offer names filled with intensity.
  • Skitty and Delcatty present cute and cuddly options, perfect for a playful pet.
  • For those preferring a hint of mischief and allure, Glameow and its evolution, Purugly, can’t be overlooked.
  • With stealth on their side, Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray light up the list with electrifying flair.
  • And let’s not forget the enigmatic duo Espurr and Meowstic, whose mysterious gaze is simply enthralling.

For us in the Pokémon community, these cat Pokémon offer more than just companionship in battles; their names bring a special touch to our own feline friends at home. Whether you prefer the allure of darkness or the spark of electricity, these iconic Pokémon cat names provide a touch of the Pokémon world to guide you in naming your purr-fect pal.

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Legendary and Mythical Cats

We all know that Pokémon has an extraordinary array of creature designs; those inspired by our feline friends often hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re entranced by the allure of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon and are seeking pokemon cat names, you’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of majestic choices.

Mew, the ancestor of all Pokémon, makes for a captivating name that reflects purity and raw potential. Its genetic counterpart, Mewtwo, exudes power and grace, a name suitable for a cat with a commanding presence.

Venture into the world of the Legendary Beasts, and you’ll find Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Each one a formidable name: Entei embodies fiery ferocity, Raikou crackles with electric might, and Suicune flows with the elegance of water.

For those drawn to celestial grandeur, Solgaleo shines brightly. This regal name befits a cat with a lionhearted spirit, akin to the emissary of the sun itself. In the electric surge of battle, the name Zeraora sparks interest, perfect for a swift and spirited companion.

Finally, atop the mythical hierarchy sits Arceus, the alpha of creation. Naming your cat after this deity bestows a sense of ultimate reverence and might, as if your pet holds dominion over space and time.

Legendary CatTraits
MewAncestral, Pure
MewtwoPowerful, Commanding
EnteiFiery, Ferocious
RaikouElectric, Mighty
SuicuneGraceful, Fluid
SolgaleoNoble, Eminent
ZeraoraQuick, Spirited
ArceusDivine, Supreme

Which of these legendary names will resonate with your furry friend? Only you can unveil which moniker will become their legend.

Inspiration Behind Pokémon Cat Names

We’re on a thrilling hunt for Pokémon cat names, a venture blending our love for these iconic creatures with the charm of our feline companions. Imagine calling out to your cat and a beloved Pokémon character comes to mind—both share an incomparable allure.

Choosing the perfect name is like capturing a Pokémon; it’s about finding that perfect match, where the personality or appearance of your cat reflects the essence of a Pokémon. Pikachu might be the spark for an energetic kitty, exclusive and rare just like its namesake. Names like Charizard or Flareon could capture the fiery spirit of a red or copper-coated cat, while Umbreon fits a cat that dons a sleek, black fur as gracefully as a night sky.

  • Meowth: Ideal for cats with that mischievous glint in their eye.
  • Eevee: Suits a versatile pet, ready to adapt to any situation.

Let’s consider the stars of the Pokémon world when naming our cats. Personality traits play a pivotal role, with names such as Jigglypuff fitting a cat that carries themselves with an irresistible cuteness. But the inspiration doesn’t stop there—the Pokémon universe is vast, home to many more feline-like figures that could inspire us.

When we merge the joy of Pokémon with our pet’s unique character, creating a name becomes an adventure. We link memories of our cherished games and shows to the daily delight of our cat’s presence. So, let’s explore and find that purrfect Pokémon cat name together!

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Pokémon Interaction with Human Characters

Choosing Pokémon cat names reflects a deep bond between Pokémon and humans, known through countless adventures where trainers and their Pokémon face challenges together. These interactions range from cooperative friendships to fierce rivalries.

Ash and His Companions

Ash, our enduring protagonist, has formed countless friendships with his Pokémon, solidifying the significance of trust between a Pokémon and its trainer. With faithful companions like Misty, who specializes in water-type Pokémon, and Brock, a rock-type expert, Ash often finds Pokémon to be more than creatures—they’re friends. Starting with Pikachu, Ash’s Pokémon each have distinct personalities, influencing other notable partnerships such as May and her Beautifly or Dawn and her Piplup.

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Notable Antagonists

Team Rocket, particularly Jessie and James, showcases a different type of relationship, often trying to assert dominance rather than friendship. Despite this, they have a peculiar affinity with their Pokémon, giving names like Meowth, a talking Pokémon cat names, unique significance as partners in crime, rather than simply pets or tools for battle.

Gym Leaders and Champions

Gym leaders like Misty and renowned champions such as Lance with his powerful Dragonite exhibit a professional bond with their Pokémon. Likewise, newer champions like Leon set standards for aspiring trainers. Their interactions elevate Pokémon status, with Lance becoming an iconic image of mentorship and Leon embodying peak coordination and teamwork, further cementing the importance of naming as part of their identity.

Cultural Impact of Pokémon

When we think about Pokémon, it’s not just about capturing and battling with these fantastic creatures; it’s about the global sensation it has become. Our journey through the Pokémon universe, from the colorful regions of Alola and Galar to the iconic battles in the games and anime, has been sprinkled with moments that highlight Pokémon’s significant influence on pop culture. Let’s explore how Pokémon became much more than a game—it’s a part of our cultural lexicon and has inspired countless fans to adopt Pokémon-inspired cat names for their pets.

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Pokémon in Video Games

Pokémon started as a simple yet intriguing idea: What if we could catch and train creatures to battle in an alternate universe? Launched with Pokémon Red and Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy, the series revolutionized the gaming industry. Fans were captivated by the chance to fill their Pokédex and the iconic Pokéball became a symbol of the series’ allure. As trainers, we embarked on quests across various regions, strategizing to defeat gym leaders and, finally, the Elite Four, forging an indelible bond with our Pikachu, Charizard, and Mewtwo companions.

Pokémon Anime Success

The Pokémon phenomenon burst onto the anime scene with the adventures of Ash and his steadfast companion Pikachu. Their quest to become Pokémon Masters introduced us to an ensemble of characters including the beloved Jigglypuff, the cunning Meowth of Team Rocket, and the enigmatic Mewtwo. It wasn’t just the battles that captivated us, but also the values of friendship, perseverance, and sportsmanship that resonated with a global audience, elevating Pokémon to a monument of success in the world of anime.

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Pokémon in Popular Media

Pokémon’s influence didn’t stop at games and anime; it extended into all corners of media and pop culture. Catchphrases like “Gotta catch ’em all” and tunes like the Pokérap became fixtures of our daily lives. Who could forget the charming Lugia or the majestic Entei from the feature films? Even overlooked Pokémon such as Jynx made headlines, proving that Pokémon was a media juggernaut. The frenzy was further fueled by magazines, trading card games, and a myriad of Pokémon merchandise, embedding characters like Pikachu into the fabric of our society, from fashion to music, and even influencing our choice in Pokémon cat names.

Pokémon Cat Names List

Are you ready to embark on a journey of feline proportions, fellow Pokemon and cat enthusiasts? We’ve curated a pawsome list of Pokemon cat names that are just purr-fect for your new companion! These names not only pay tribute to the iconic Pokemon universe, but they also capture the unique essence of our furry friends.

Your List From A – Z


  1. Abomasnow
  2. Abra
  3. Absol
  4. Accelgor
  5. Aegislash
  6. Aerodactyl
  7. Aggron
  8. Aipom
  9. Alakazam
  10. Alcremie
  11. Alomomola
  12. Altaria
  13. Amaura
  14. Ambipom
  15. Amoonguss
  16. Ampharos
  17. Anorith
  18. Appletun
  19. Applin
  20. Araquanid


  1. Bagon
  2. Baltoy
  3. Banette
  4. Barbaracle
  5. Barboach
  6. Barraskewda
  7. Basculin
  8. Bastiodon
  9. Bayleef
  10. Beartic
  11. Beautifly
  12. Beedrill
  13. Beheeyem
  14. Beldum
  15. Bellossom
  16. Bellsprout
  17. Bergmite
  18. Bewear
  19. Bibarel
  20. Bidoo


  1. Cacnea
  2. Cacturne
  3. Calyrex
  4. Camerupt
  5. Carbink
  6. Carkol
  7. Carnivine
  8. Carracosta
  9. Carvanha
  10. Cascoon
  11. Castform
  12. Caterpie
  13. Celebi
  14. Celesteela
  15. Centiskorch
  16. Chandelure
  17. Chansey
  18. Charizard
  19. Charjabug
  20. Charmande


  1. Darmanitan
  2. Darumaka
  3. Decidueye
  4. Dedenne
  5. Deerling
  6. Deino
  7. Delibird
  8. Delphox
  9. Dewgong
  10. Dewott
  11. Dialga
  12. Diancie
  13. Diglett
  14. Ditto
  15. Dodrio
  16. Doduo
  17. Donphan
  18. Dottler
  19. Doublade
  20. Dragalge
  21. Dragonite
  22. Dugtrio
  23. Dewgong
  24. Donphan
  25. Dusclops
  26. Dratini


  1. Eevee
  2. Electabuzz
  3. Electivire
  4. Electrike
  5. Electrode
  6. Elekid
  7. Elgyem
  8. Emboar
  9. Emolga
  10. Empoleon
  11. Entei
  12. Escavalier
  13. Espeon
  14. Espurr
  15. Eternatus
  16. Excadrill
  17. Exeggcute
  18. Exeggutor
  19. Exploud
  20. Eiscue


  1. Fennekin
  2. Feraligatr
  3. Ferroseed
  4. Ferrothorn
  5. Finneon
  6. Flaaffy
  7. Flabébé
  8. Flapple
  9. Flareon
  10. Fletchinder
  11. Fletchling
  12. Floatzel
  13. Floette
  14. Florges
  15. Flygon
  16. Fomantis
  17. Foongus
  18. Forretress
  19. Fraxure
  20. Frillish


  1. Gabite
  2. Gallade
  3. Galvantula
  4. Garbodor
  5. Garchomp
  6. Gardevoir
  7. Gastly
  8. Gastrodon
  9. Genesect
  10. Gengar
  11. Geodude
  12. Gible
  13. Gigalith
  14. Girafarig
  15. Giratina
  16. Glaceon
  17. Glalie
  18. Glameow
  19. Gligar
  20. Gliscor


  1. Happiny
  2. Hariyama
  3. Hatenna
  4. Hatterene
  5. Hattrem
  6. Haunter
  7. Hawlucha
  8. Haxorus
  9. Heatmor
  10. Heatran
  11. Heliolisk
  12. Helioptile
  13. Heracross
  14. Herdier
  15. Hippopotas
  16. Hippowdon
  17. Hitmonchan
  18. Hitmonlee
  19. Hitmontop
  20. Ho-Oh


  1. Ivysaur
  2. Illumise
  3. Incineroar
  4. Indeedee
  5. Infernape
  6. Inkay
  7. Igglybuff
  8. Impidimp
  9. Inteleon
  10. Ingo
  11. Iris
  12. Icy Wind
  13. Ice Fang
  14. Icicle Spear
  15. Icicle Crash
  16. Icy Rock
  17. Iron Head
  18. Iron Tail
  19. Island Challenge
  20. Ice Shard


  1. Jigglypuff
  2. Jirachi
  3. Jolteon
  4. Joltik
  5. Jumpluff
  6. Jynx
  7. Jellicent
  8. Jangmo-o
  9. Jaw Lock
  10. Jump Kick
  11. Jolt Switch
  12. Judgment
  13. Jungle Healing
  14. Jynx
  15. Jubilife City
  16. Juxtapose
  17. Jynx
  18. Jellicent
  19. Joltik
  20. Jumpluff


  1. Kabuto
  2. Kabutops
  3. Kadabra
  4. Kakuna
  5. Kangaskhan
  6. Karrablast
  7. Kartana
  8. Kecleon
  9. Keldeo
  10. Kingdra
  11. Kingler
  12. Kirlia
  13. Klang
  14. Klank
  15. Klefki
  16. Klink
  17. Klinklang
  18. Koffing
  19. Komala
  20. Kommo-o


  1. Lairon
  2. Lampent
  3. Landorus
  4. Lanturn
  5. Lapras
  6. Larvesta
  7. Larvitar
  8. Latias
  9. Latios
  10. Leafeon
  11. Leavanny
  12. Ledian
  13. Ledyba
  14. Lickilicky
  15. Lickitung
  16. Liepard
  17. Lileep
  18. Lilligant
  19. Lillipup
  20. Linoone


  1. Machamp
  2. Machoke
  3. Machop
  4. Magcargo
  5. Magearna
  6. Magikarp
  7. Magmar
  8. Magmortar
  9. Magnemite
  10. Magneton
  11. Magnezone
  12. Makuhita
  13. Malamar
  14. Mamoswine
  15. Manaphy
  16. Mandibuzz
  17. Manectric
  18. Mankey
  19. Mantine
  20. Mantyke
  21. Mewtwo
  22. Metagross
  23. Mudkip
  24. Machamp
  25. Magikarp
  26. Marowak
  27. Mareep


  1. Naganadel
  2. Natu
  3. Necrozma
  4. Nidoking
  5. Nidoqueen
  6. Nidoran♀
  7. Nidoran♂
  8. Nidorina
  9. Nidorino
  10. Nihilego
  11. Nincada
  12. Ninetales
  13. Ninjask
  14. Noctowl
  15. Noibat
  16. Noivern
  17. Nosepass
  18. Numel
  19. Nuzleaf
  20. Nuzzle


  1. Obstagoon
  2. Octillery
  3. Oddish
  4. Omanyte
  5. Omastar
  6. Onix
  7. Oranguru
  8. Orbeetle
  9. Oricorio
  10. Oshawott
  11. Oddish
  12. Omanyte
  13. Omastar
  14. Onix
  15. Oranguru
  16. Orbeetle
  17. Oricorio
  18. Oshawott
  19. Octazooka
  20. Overheat


  1. Pikachu
  2. Palkia
  3. Palossand
  4. Palpitoad
  5. Pancham
  6. Pangoro
  7. Panpour
  8. Pansage
  9. Pansear
  10. Paras
  11. Parasect
  12. Passimian
  13. Patrat
  14. Pawniard
  15. Pelipper
  16. Perrserker
  17. Persian
  18. Petilil
  19. Phanpy
  20. Phantump


  1. Quagsire
  2. Quilava
  3. Quilladin
  4. Qwilfish
  5. Quaxly


  1. Raboot
  2. Raichu
  3. Raikou
  4. Ralts
  5. Rampardos
  6. Rapidash
  7. Raticate
  8. Rattata
  9. Rayquaza
  10. Regice
  11. Regidrago
  12. Regieleki
  13. Regigigas
  14. Regirock
  15. Registeel
  16. Relicanth
  17. Remoraid
  18. Reshiram
  19. Reuniclus
  20. Rhydon


  1. Sableye
  2. Salamence
  3. Salazzle
  4. Samurott
  5. Sandile
  6. Sandslash
  7. Sandygast
  8. Sawk
  9. Sawsbuck
  10. Scatterbug
  11. Sceptile
  12. Scizor
  13. Scolipede
  14. Scorbunny
  15. Scrafty
  16. Scraggy
  17. Scyther
  18. Seadra
  19. Seaking
  20. Sealeo
  21. Squirtle
  22. Snorlax
  23. Scyther
  24. Swellow
  25. Seel
  26. Starmie


  1. Taillow
  2. Talonflame
  3. Tangela
  4. Tangrowth
  5. Tapu Bulu
  6. Tapu Fini
  7. Tapu Koko
  8. Tapu Lele
  9. Tauros
  10. Teddiursa
  11. Tentacool
  12. Tentacruel
  13. Tepig
  14. Terrakion
  15. Thievul
  16. Throh
  17. Timburr
  18. Tirtouga
  19. Togedemaru
  20. Togekiss


  1. Umbreon
  2. Unfezant
  3. Unown
  4. Ursaring
  5. Ursaluna
  6. Urshifu
  7. Uxie


  1. Vaporeon
  2. Venomoth
  3. Venonat
  4. Venusaur
  5. Vespiquen
  6. Vibrava
  7. Victini
  8. Victreebel
  9. Vigoroth
  10. Vikavolt
  11. Vileplume
  12. Virizion
  13. Vivillon
  14. Volbeat
  15. Volcanion
  16. Volcarona
  17. Voltorb
  18. Vullaby
  19. Vulpix
  20. Vanilluxe


  1. Wailmer
  2. Wailord
  3. Walrein
  4. Wartortle
  5. Watchog
  6. Weavile
  7. Weedle
  8. Weepinbell
  9. Weezing
  10. Whimsicott
  11. Whirlipede
  12. Whiscash
  13. Whismur
  14. Wigglytuff
  15. Wimpod
  16. Wingull
  17. Wishiwashi
  18. Wobbuffet
  19. Woobat
  20. Wooloo


  1. Xatu
  2. Xerneas
  3. Xurkitree


  1. amask
  2. Yamper
  3. Yanma
  4. Yanmega
  5. Yveltal
  6. Yungoos


  1. Zacian
  2. Zamazenta
  3. Zangoose
  4. Zapdos
  5. Zarude
  6. Zebstrika
  7. Zekrom
  8. Zeraora
  9. Zigzagoon
  10. Zoroark
  11. Zorua
  12. Zubat
  13. Zweilous
  14. Zygarde

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Our Thoughts about Pokémon Cat Names

The craze for Pokémon cat names is like a Pidgeot soaring in the Kanto sky—joyful and full of possibility. We are absolutely stoked by the idea of naming our feline friends after these whimsical creatures. It’s not just a name; it’s a delightful fusion of fantasy and reality that brings a unique character to our beloved pets.

  • The Connection: Pokémon and cats share an innate charm and mysteriousness that makes them perfect for each other. Think of Meowth, with its cheeky smile and mischievous antics—it’s the quintessence of cat energy in the Pokémon world.
  • The Variety: With Pokémon species numbering in the hundreds, there’s no shortage of creative and adorable options. Whether your cat is a sleepy Snorlax or a proud Persian, there’s a Pokémon parallel that matches its personality.
  • The Fun: Let’s face it, calling out “Charmander, dinner time!” is an absolute joy and never fails to put a smile on our faces. Choosing a name like Pikachu or Eevee can turn everyday interactions into playful nods to the Pokémon universe.

We believe in embracing the whimsy that life offers, and decking out our cats with names borrowed from the rich tapestry of Pokémon is a testament to that. Each name comes with a built-in backstory, perfect for regaling visitors with tales of how your little Bulbasaur is just as steadfast and loyal as its namesake.

So, all you trainers and cat owners, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect moniker for your new pal, remember that Pokemon cat names provide a world of enchantment just waiting to be explored.

FAQ Pokémon cat names

We know how thrilling it is to dive into the Pokémon universe and name our cats after these adorable creatures. With such a vast array of Pokemon cat names at our disposal, we’re spoiled for choice. So, let’s explore some of the burning questions that Pokémon enthusiasts have when it comes to choosing the perfect namesake for their feline friends!

What is the rarest cat name?

The rarest Pokémon cat names might be one that’s derived from a legendary or mythical Pokémon with feline characteristics. These names are typically unique and less commonly used among Pokémon trainers and cat owners alike. For instance, names like Solgaleo or Lunala, legendary Pokémon resembling lions, can be considered rare and majestic choices for your cat.

How do I find the perfect cat name?

To find the perfect Pokémon cat names, consider these steps:
Identify Your Cat’s Traits: Does your cat have a fiery personality like Pyroar or a cunning demeanor like Purrloin? Matching your cat’s traits to a Pokémon can make a name feel just right.
Explore Different Generations: With every new Pokémon generation, new feline-inspired Pokémon are introduced. Researching different generations can expand your options.
Consider Evolution Stages: If you fancy a name that grows with your cat, consider names of Pokémon that evolve, like Skitty to Delcatty or Litleo to Pyroar.

Remember, the perfect Pokémon cat names awaits, and it’s just begging to be claimed by your furry companion!

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Always think about the health of your feline Friend. Have a look at our article about cat health care.

What are your thoughts about our article pokemon cat names? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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