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Hi, here are Laura & Philip. We founded PurrfectMeow because we love cats as much as you do.

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What Is PurrfectMeow & Why Did We Start It?

PurrfectMeow is a platform where Philip and Laura curate captivating articles about cats, various cat breeds, and feline health. We’re deeply passionate about all things related to our furry friends, and we’re dedicated to sharing expert advice, insights, and the latest trends in the world of cats.

Our fascination with cats began at an early age. Philip’s interest in feline companions was sparked when he…

For Laura, her journey into the world of cats and their feline care started early as well. She loved cats from the beginning and had always a furry friend at her side. She had a lot of different cats and loved all of them deeply and had the chance to develop a lot of knowledge and tips about her cats.

As time passed, our passion for cats led us to explore various aspects of feline companionship, from different cat breeds to cat health. From Siamese cats to Persian cats, and from cat nutrition to feline behavioral insights, we’re committed to providing a wealth of information to cat lovers around the world.

At PurrfectMeow, we believe that cats are more than just pets; they’re family. We know that you all love your cats as much as we do, and that’s why we aim to turn our cat-related articles into a canvas of knowledge, offering a touch of inspiration and insight to every cat enthusiast.

So How Did We Come up with the Idea of Building a Page About it?

We wanted to build a community of cat lovers who all wanted the best for their furry friends and wanted to share our knowledge with the world.

Who are we?




She has years of experience with cats.

She loves to be creative and share her knowledge.

She is a cat lover throught and throught.

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He loves cats

Has had his own cat since he was 19 and always lived with cats.

Quite new in the SEO Business but love to share his knowledge with you.

Let’s Purr Together!

-Laura & Philip

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